Tandem skydive for mental health!

Two intrepid staff members completed tandem skydives on Monday in aid of Cherry Tree Nursery in Northbourne and Chestnut Nursery in Poole. The nurseries are part of the Sheltered Work Opportunities Project, a local charity that provides community, support and a safe haven for adults whose lives have been impacted by mental illness. The charity now in its 31st year, uses therapeutic horticulture and the resulting plants are offered for sale in the retail shops.

Nigel Short from Cherry Tree Nursery and Andrew Verreck from Chestnut Nursery bravely volunteered to do the skydives to raise funds for the charity and its vital work in providing a safe and inclusive environment in which people can rehabilitate, recover and come to terms with their mental health for as long or short a period as they need, and without cost to them.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced our usual fundraising opportunities; indeed, this was the first event the charity has been able to hold this year and as such we are very grateful to Nigel and Andy. We have many new enquiries for places at the charity as many people have experienced mental health problems for the first time or symptoms have worsened for others. You are still able to make a donation by following this link


or visit on donation page here on our website www.cherrytreenursery.org.uk or donations can be made in our retail shops.