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Volunteers activities during lockdown

Story B

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When the lockdown first started, I felt a bit anxious as I just had built up my confidence a bit more and started to come to Cherry Tree twice a week, and I felt like I had got a lot done. Then we all had to go to self-quarantine and started to feel the full impact of the lockdown.

It wasn’t too hard to bounce back from it in the beginning, I followed my routine of cup of coffee, smoothie, medication, yoga in the morning and then crafting, a lot of it.

One of the things my partner and I decided to do was build a new enclosure for Mr. Pickles, our little Chinese Water Dragon. We got him 2 years ago this August 29th to help me improve my mental health and get back to routine when I was at my lowest.

He loves cuddles and kisses. I do not recommend kissing any odd dragons though if you don’t know for a fact that you can trust them not to try to bite your nose!

Mr. Pickles helped us cope with the lockdown and increased mental health issues. Plus, i used my learned skills, trying to maintain clear routines for bed and wake up and having some kind of routine. We had our struggles at some points but we were able to overcome them.

We are glad Cherry Tree is back on and, though slowly, things are moving forward.

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