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Volunteers activities during lockdown

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I was off sick for 6 months with anxiety and depression last year. Those months were sheer misery for me, suffering with severe anxiety and depression. However, the unexpected 6 months off this year due to lockdown/furlough has been so different, in some ways being a weird awakening of what is important.

Everything seemed at a slower pace, no time deadlines, I felt relaxed and started to find things I wanted and enjoyed to do. I set up a potting table and began putting into practice things I had learnt at Cherry Tree.

One thing that I really have enjoyed during my time in lockdown has been crafting, making greeting cards – each day I would wake up with inspiration and motivation – I would get up, get dressed, put on my make-up, do my hair as if I were going to work and settle down ready to work on my own little job. This behaviour was very unlike the year before, when I was ill nothing motivated me. This year I was actually strangely looking forward to each day, albeit well aware the world was suffering terribly and obviously watching the news and listening to the awful daily announcements.

I hope to continue with this and make more cards to give to Cherry Tree for their fund-raising fairs when they can recommence.

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