Mental Health Awareness Week

‘What a year this week has been’

A great quote that we can all relate to. A week can seem a lifetime – waiting for a loved one to visit, the week at work before you leave for your holiday, or that special occasion you can’t wait to celebrate. On the other hand, a week can fly by in an instant, how often do you notice the speed at which the weeks and months pass, it never seems a whole twelve months since you last started thinking about Christmas!

Mental Health Awareness Week asks us to think about our own mental health, the mental health of those near and dear to us and in more general terms. This past year has impacted our mental health a great deal, for many reasons including loss, anxiety, illness, redundancy and stress. Many of us have been pushed beyond our limits and need support, understanding and help. Mental illness doesn’t target a particular gender, age or identity, it doesn’t care if you are rich or poor. All of us have a point at which we simply cannot cope any longer and need help, in the same way that all of us could break a bone or catch a cold if circumstances arose.

Mental illness can come out of nowhere or be a constant companion in your life. It can ebb and flow, giving periods of respite or be a continual presence that you walk alongside. It can last for days, week, months, years or a lifetime. It can run in families or appear at random. The symptoms can take many forms and manifest in many ways.

At Cherry Tree and Chestnut Nurseries, we believe it is possible to live a happy and fulfilled life alongside mental illness. We provide a safe environment with a warm and accepting community ethos to allow our service-users, whom we call Volunteers, the space to rehabilitate and find acceptance. We provide this sanctuary fifty-two weeks of the year and have been doing so for the past thirty-one years, which equates to 1,612 weeks and counting!

We have many new referrals and are determined to help everyone we can. If you would like to support us more details are on our ‘The Charity’ page on this website , on our Facebook page ‘ CherryTreeNursery’ and also in our Facebook group ‘Cherry Tree Nursery Events and Fundraising’

We appreciate your support.