High Anxiety – Wing Walk for Cherry Tree Nursery

Our first fundraising event of the year! and it’s a big one!

Nigel, one of our members of staff , is doing a wingwalk on Friday 4th September 3pm at Compton Abbas airfield.

Nigel explains why –

Whilst working alongside Volunteers at C herry Tree Nursery I have gained further insight into the impact that mental health issues present on a day-to-day basis. For some Volunteers living with severe anxiety it is a real challenge just to get out of their front door and get to the nursery, for others meetings and appointments are frightening and they need support and encouragement from staff. They face these challenges each and every day.

We staff work as a team to help and support our Volunteers and most of the time, we find a way forward. Having watched our Volunteers go through this process daily, I have been given a chance to experience this acute anxiety myself by doing a sponsored Wing Walk for Cherry Tree Nursery.

I do not enjoy flying and I am afraid of heights! The thought of being strapped to a biplane and doing a loop quite frankly scares me and sets my heart racing.

I have asked some of our Volunteers how they cope with their anxious feelings and if they can give me advice to help me complete my task? All have shared their coping strategies and many hope to be there on the day to share the experience with me, this has given me strength and helped me to have a deeper understanding of the people I work with.

Please support me by donating – all the money raised will go to help the Volunteers at Cherry Tree Nursery. Please see link below.

There is nothing to fear except fear itself,

Thank you,