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Skydive fundraiser

Update – They did it! All donations gratefully received! 

Nigel and Andy are skydiving on the 2nd of August 2021 to raise money for the Sheltered Work Opportunities Project (SWOP) Volunteers welfare.

Nigel, not content with being strapped to a bi plane on a wing walk last year, is now going to jump out of a plane to raise funds for our project.

This time Nigel will be joined by Andy from Chestnut Nursery. We are not sure if they will be holding hands doing it, but they are both raising money for our project’s Volunteers at Cherry Tree Nursery and Chestnut Nursery.


Nigel says: ‘Into the blue…’

Mental health affects all of us at some point in our lives and these past fifteen months have seen many people at breaking point. Mental illness is invisible and presents differently for each person. We are receiving lots of new referrals for our charity and are committed to helping as many as we possibly can.

I have made a choice to challenge my own anxieties and fears, which are temporary compared to many of the people we work with and I can use their incredible coping skills and strategies to help me face my own particular fears of heights and flying.

I’m sharing this challenge with Andy from Chestnut Nursery and I am sure this will help and again, reflects back on the caring, supportive and community ethos of our charity.

Please support me, Andy and our charity.


Andy says:

Working at Chestnut Nursery has given me a deep respect for our Volunteers. The courage that it takes for them to overcome the challenges of living with a mental illness is inspiring. So much so that despite my phobia of heights, I am challenging myself to leap out of a plane – please donate to support our important cause.

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Donations can be made via the Virgin Money Giving link above.

Alternatively, donations can be made by card in our retail shops.

Thank you for supporting this fundraiser!

Nigel Wing Walk Fundraiser

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