Patio Pots 10 cm – Ideal for baskets and containers


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Available in a range of colours and varieties. Ideal for baskets and containers.

Bidens -Golden Eye
Verbena Twister Red
Surfina Hot Pink
Surfina Deep Red
Verbena Twister Blue
Brachycone Mauve Delight
Helicrysum Micro
Argyanthemum Sunset Yellow
Lobelia infinity -Deep Blue Eye
Lobelia infinity -Lavender
Timbelina Cherry Ripple
Timbelina Priscilla -Blue
Timbelina Bella – White/burgundy
Timbelina Diana – White
Timbelina Crazy Ripple -Crema and Red
Timbelina Purple
Calibrachoa -Yellow
Calibrachoa -Pink
Calibrachoa -Orange
Calibrachoa -Strawberry
Calibrachoa -Purple
Calibrachoa -Yellow
Nemisia -Aroma Banana Split- Yellow
Nemisia -Emma – Pink / white
Nemisia -Dawn – Lavander/white
Nemisia -Myrtille – Purple
Nemisia -Rhubarb and custard – Yellow and Purple
Bacopa – Deep Pink
Bacopa – White
Bacopa – Purple
Verbena Vintage Rose
Verbena Vintage White


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