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A charity based on horticulture providing meaningful occupation in a supportive
environment, aiming to restore well-being to people with mental illness.
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Jess's funeral will be on Friday 26th May at 10.30am at Hinton Park Woodland Burial Ground BH23 7EJ (New Milton). The Reverend Sue will conduct a non-religious ceremony. Light refreshments will be available at Hinton Park  following the burial.


It is with great sadness we have to announce the death of our former Nursery Manager, Jessica Davies (Jess), on 2nd May 2017. Jess died peacefully in the early hours of the morning after a long battle with cancer.

The following is a tribute written by one of our long-term volunteers:

“On behalf of everyone at Cherry Tree Nursery, it is with deep heartfelt sorrow and regret that we convey to all who knew Jessica Davies, that she died peacefully in her sleep in the early hours of 2nd May.

This is a time of sorrow but also a celebration of her life. Jess touched the hearts of so many people. She truly was a unique human being, warm, passionate and caring. Jess’s work in South America was very important to her, right until the end.

Many of us are so grateful that Jess came into our lives. She was so compassionate, always thinking of others, and lived her life giving constantly. I always thought of Jess as compassion in action, she taught by example. Everyone at Cherry Tree Nursery will remember Jess with great affection and carry her in our hearts forever. She knew the true meaning of life, which is contributing to the happiness of others, and her actions spoke louder than words.

Thank you Jess for your generosity of spirit”.

JESSICA DAVIES RETIRED - A feature written by a volunteer:

Dear Friends, Patrons, Trustees, Staff, Volunteers, supporters and anyone who has ever had a connection with Cherry Tree Nursery near or far away, America, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia and those I am not aware of. I have been given the task of informing you all that our manager of  twenty-six years, Jessica Davies, has now been retired due to ill health.

Many of us, Staff, Trustees, Friends and Volunteers past and present are still in contact with Jess, and Jane Nicholls who was deputy manager for ten years. This news may come as a shock for many people hearing this for the first time and for that we are truly sorry. This has been a very difficult and unsettling period for everyone. We volunteers had a meeting with the Trustees last week to talk about our worries and concerns for the future of our charity. We need not to have been so anxious as it happens, we came away from that meeting feeling more positive about the future.

Our new Manager is now Tish Borrowman. Tish was our Citizens Advice Bureau lady for many years, so we knew her already which helped greatly. We were all so pleased when Tish accepted the post of deputy manager in 2015.

Tish has now become our new Manager of Cherry Tree Nursery and I must give credit where credit is due. Tish, StJohn, Ray and Helen make a very good team. They have done a great job through this difficult period of change to make the Volunteers' lives easierthrough this transition.

Back to Jessica Davies, whoever came into contact with Jess could not help but be impressed with how warm Jess is and her huge smile, her lovely blue eyes and her capacity to give unconditional love to each person she met. She was, and still is, compassiion personified, she lives her life daily through compassion for self and others. Jess has put her heart and soul into improving  the lives of others less fortunate than herself both in this
country and further afield i.e. Bolivia, Mexico and Ecuador that I know of, also the Volunteers at Cherry Tree Nursery. She made everyone feel special and always gave of herself. She made time to talk to the volunteers and most importantly she made time to give hugs to who ever needed one.

I have been a volunteer at Cherrry Tree Nursery for ten years now and the most important lesson I have learned from Jess is to look for the good in people no matter what. The more you practice doing this the easier it becomes. It is so easy to focus on the negative , try putting into practice to see the good in people; it is so much harder, especially if that person may not be your cuppa tea..

There are not many people you meet in life who touch something very deep within one's self. I have been very lucky to meet these people. The first was a Monk, the second Jessica Davies. Jess taught by example and I was open enough to learn by her example.

They have both been ver profound experiences and have changed me for the better. Jess we all love you very much and thank you for giving us the best of you and for the legacy you have given us that is Cherry Tree Nursery. You live on in our hearts and we hope we will surpass all of your expectations, hopes and dreams..

You are a truly wonderful, wonderful human being.

From Bournemouth Echo 23/09/2016
A SPECTACULAR series of outdoor events are taking place in Dorset as part of the Inside Out Festival.

Theatre companies, circus performers and artists have created extraordinary installations and performances for some of the county’s extraordinary places, alongside a family-friendly programme of events for the Inside Out Festival. Eight artists and companies have been commissioned to create work for Hengistbury Headlines, an installation and performance trail through the nature reserve at Hengistbury Head, a haven for wildlife, home to over 500 plant species and 300 types of birds. The artists have rooted their work in this important conservation site to explore the effects of climate change. Visitors will be able to wander through the landscape of the nature reserve, including areas normally closed to the public, and discover these new artworks one by one.

Sound artist Jane Pitt will be working with people from Cherry Tree Nursery to create sonic maps as part of the Fl-utter-ances project. Cherry Tree is a charity based on horticulture aiming to restore well-being to people with mental illness. Participants will join Jane at Hengistbury Head for a ‘sonic stroll’ – a quiet and thoughtful listening walk. The walkers will then create sonic maps, which will be displayed in an exhibition at the Visitor Centre at Hengistbury Head in October.
Outreach programme manager Inside Out Dorset, Wendy Petitdemange said: “Inside Out takes extraordinary events to some of Dorset’s amazing outdoor places, and it’s wonderful that we have the opportunity to engage all sorts of community groups in the events.” She added: “Taking time to listen to natural sounds can create a moment for reflection and peace and we’re very fortunate to have Jane Pitt to take us on her listening walks.”

Sound artist Jane Pitt said: “By sharing my practice with people from Cherry Tree Nursery, we’ve created art works resulting from the unique Hengistbury soundscape; a combination of landscape, weather, human and wildlife as experienced during our walks together. “Through the experience, we’ve developed a heightened awareness of the environment there, its daily and seasonal changes, our sensory perception and sound memory. Using deep listening as a way of being in and responding to our environment has enabled a focus and a sense of well-being in the moment.”

Fl-utter-ances is one of a series of community events as part of Inside Out Dorset – a biennial festival with theatre companies.

Harry Roffey Day on Wednesday 13th July was a coach trip to Pecorama Gardens and Model Railway. This annual day, in fond memory of our dear supporter from the early days, is always popular and many of our volunteers enjoyed their day out along with some volunteers from our sister project Chestnut Nursery. 

Thank you to the six teams from Vitality Health, Bournemouth who came and helped so ably and cheerfully during our weeding days 21st to 23rd June. You did a magnificent job weeding  a huge number of plants and we really enjoyed your energy and positivity!

Highwood Gardns, 30.5.16 - A great event, well attended by members of the public who enjoyed the beautiful grounds and walks, rested with  a cup of tea or coffee and slice of homemade cake before visiting our stunning plant stall to choose plants to buy and take home. A rare chance to see what lies beyond 'the wall'. Thank you to all those who made the event such a success, the event planners, the cake bakers, the volunteers, friends, trustees, staff and 'other-halfs' who all contributed with time, effort and good will.

- New plant varieties becoming available every day.

Thank you for supporting us and if you make a donation, however small, please do tell us if you are eligible for Gift Aid as this will increase the value of your donation  by 25%!


Built a sand peace mandala here on Monday 21st September. We had a very special and wonderful day.

Many thanks to everyone who supported our stall. We won the Nurseries Cup for at least the eighth time!

THE SYLVIA BOWDITCH BUILDING, OUR NEW OFFICE was opened by one of our volunteers, Anita Payne, at our annual Guests Open Day.             
See the Echo report here:

and the ITV news coverage here:


2015 is Cherry Tree’s 25th year, and we are holding a 25th Anniversary Appeal to keep the charity running for the next 25 years.
We are getting overwhelmed with referrals as mental illness still increases. Thank you to all of you for your support. We especially appreciate regular payments by standing order, which help us plan for the future. Please let us know if you are eligible for Gift Aid, as this increases the value of your donation  by 25%.



25 years of Caring for People, Caring for Plants

Cherry Tree Nursery is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. On April 14th, 1990, four volunteers with mental health problems and a seconded member of staff started work, for three days a week, on a derelict, overgrown and waterlogged site, with no water, electricity or toilets. We had nothing but a £1,000 interest-free loan, and a lot of hope. There seemed no realistic chance of success, but we had a very strong belief in the need for community among those who find the world hard to cope with, and, thanks to many other lovely people sharing this vision and offering their help, we are still here!
If Cherry Tree proves anything, it is that if something is really needed, if you know it will really improve people's lives, and if you have enough love, dedication and commitment, then anything is possible, and over the years many people have taken inspiration from this.
Thank you very much to all of you for the help and support each of you has given us over the last 25 years. We hope you will continue to give us your support to help make possible the next 25.
We have published a short illustrated booklet on our history “Cherry Tree Nursery: the first 25 years”, available now.
Thanks to everyone who came to our plant sale. Many of our customers tell us they love the atmosphere, and the fact that everyone is working together for a common cause. We hope you enjoyed our new band ‘the Darwins’. The next plant sale will be part of our 25th Anniversary event, and will be held on Saturday 4th July from 8am to 3pm. We are pleased to also announce that, by common consent, the new buildings are to be opened by one of our volunteers at our Annual Guests Open Day on Thursday 2nd July, between 10.00 and 12.30.

We will have vegetable plants and bedding plants on sale by the end of the week. We already have some lovely herbs. We also have rhubarb, and looking particularly good are the Euphorbia, Pieris, Spiraea, Forsythia, Dicentra, Veronica and Sorbaria, but we also have a very wide selection of other plants. We are open weekdays 8.00 to 3.30, Saturdays 9 to 3 and Sundays 10 to 3. We are really in need of Saturday and Sunday helpers, so if you can manage one session a month, please get in touch, we would really appreciate it.
Thanks to the generosity of a grant-making charity, we are advertising for a Horticultural Sales Supervisor to manage all the people who work in the shop and sales area, and ensure that the shop is always fully manned and the sales area fully stocked, and that informative displays are available. If you, or any one you know, might be interested, please ask for further details.
“Having a mental illness does not mean you cannot have a happy life.”

Cherry Tree Nursery, the first project of the registered charity the Sheltered Work Opportunities Project, celebrates its 25th anniversary this week. It offers sheltered horticultural work rehabilitation in a supportive environment to adults with severe and enduring mental illness, who choose to be known as volunteers.

It is a harsh world, and the stresses and pressures have resulted in a great increase in mental illness. In any year, one person in four will have some form of mental illness. Everyone reading this article will know someone who has had a mental health problem, and yet the stigma attached to this remains.

Before they came to Cherry Tree, a large garden plant nursery situated off the New Road Roundabout in Northbourne, many of our 170 volunteers felt like they had fallen in to a black hole. No hope, no future. Mental illness can lead to loss of home, family, employment, self-esteem and dignity. It is easy to become lonely and isolated. Cherry Tree aims to offer love, friendship, support, a sense of belonging and contributing, of being valued and needed. Above all, it offers community, something sadly lacking in the world outside.

People come to the project for as long as they wish and need. There is no time limit or retirement age. Everyone finds a role, and plays their part to keep the nursery running. There is a great therapeutic value to being outside in the fresh air and working with nature. Many people say they find plants calming and non-threatening, and benefit from seeing them grow and flourish. There is the opportunity to regain work skills and learn new ones. Not everyone works with plants - some work in the shop or the office, while others prefer domestic tasks.

Cherry Tree aims to address all the needs of the individual. The Disability Rights Advice Service plays an essential role, helping with problems around housing, benefits and debt. Classes on offer include literacy, numeracy, english with the use of computers, horticulture, healthy eating and cooking on a budget. A series of trips, outings and events help promote social interaction and offer a ‘thank you’ to volunteers for their hard work.

Because people feel accepted and not judged, and can share their problems and difficulties in a safe and non-pressurised environment, very strong friendships are developed and people learn to look beyond their own problems and care for others. Each individual contributes as much as they are able, and in doing so becomes part of something bigger than themselves. The need for this kind of project is continuing to grow, reflected by the number of referrals we receive. It does not work for everyone, but for the lucky ones, it can transform their lives.

However, it is very hard for charities to survive, and the costs of supporting so many people and running a plant nursery are very high. We cover about half our running costs through the sale of plants, but for the rest we are dependent on donations, and thus on the goodwill of the local community. We have lovely plants, and a happy atmosphere. Come and see us!    

You can make a donation here:    
Tel 01202-593537 Opening times: 8am to 3.30pm Mon –Fri, Sat 9am to 3pm, Sun 10am to 3pm

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our plant sale such a success!

Especial thanks to the Tashi Lhunpo UK Monastery Trust who will definitely be coming again, and to the group Students 4 Community who ran a special 25th Anniversary tombola for us.

A highlight of the event was our new supporters ‘The Darwins’. Everyone agreed that their music was perfect for the event, so they will be coming again too!


The shop at Cherry Tree Nursery was broken in to last night, Tuesday 17th March, by three people wearing hoods and gloves. They damaged the gate, pulled off the protective netting and forced the shop door from its hinges. They ripped the donation box off the wall, taking whatever change was in it, and took the contents of another box which was a collection of money for an AIDS project in Uganda.
Cherry Tree provides sheltered work in a supportive environment for adults with severe and enduring mental illness in a plant nursery. It provides a safe haven and sanctuary for up to 200 people. The robbery therefore violates their place of safety, and the fact that the money stolen had been donated through the goodwill of others to enable this essential service to continue is especially distressing for everyone. No money from plant sales is kept in this shop overnight.

Ironically, as part of our 25th Anniversary Appeal, we were fundraising to extend our alarm system and security lights to cover the shop, and we have been hoping to raise the money to install it this year! We now additionally need to raise money to repair all the damage done. Cherry Tree is lucky enough to have some wonderful support from the local community, and we are hoping they will respond generously to this situation.
The Nursery’s Spring Plant Sale will be on Saturday 28th March from 8am to 3pm, and we are hoping for a good turnout for this festival-like event, which will hopefully help to raise everyone’s spirits again.

The Nursery can be contacted on 01202-593537, or on
Donations can be made via


New stalls! New entertainment! A lovely day out with a festival atmosphere!

Many thanks to the local community for voting for us. The money will go into our 25th anniversary appeal.



NEWSLETTER 5TH February 2015
Isn’t it lovely, despite the cold, to feel the days getting longer and the light returning, and to see the first shoots of growth beginning to appear? It won’t be long now until the horticultural season starts in earnest; we are already potting the roses, and have finished the ornamental and fruit trees. Meanwhile, logs and kindling are selling well, as are our winter woollies and honey for the cold!

Here are the dates of this year’s plant sales, so you don’t miss any: Saturdays 28th March, 4th July and 12th September. We need to apologise to those of you who have one of our calendars, because November is wrong. We hope this doesn’t cause you too many problems!

2015 is Cherry Tree’s 25th year. This seems hard to believe doesn’t it? Not many projects like ours are still thriving after 25 years, and we need to thank all of you who have contributed to the Nursery’s growth. We hope to use the 25th year as an opportunity to secure our future for the next 25 years, and we would like to ask all of you to help us with this. The number of people needing services like ours is rising, and the repeated slashing of services and funding means that we are having to provide a far wider range of support to the people who are coming here, whose needs are now much greater. Our commitment is to be here for those who need us for as long as they need us, and we need everyone’s help to make sure we can fulfil this.

Every individual or organisation who contributes to the appeal will have their name recorded and put on a special plaque at the end of the year. Do you belong to a local group, or visit a bank or other organisation that chooses a charity to sponsor every year? Or are you thinking of doing a sponsored event? You can now set up a fundraising page for Cherry Tree very easily with Virgin Giving here:

We are very grateful to all our lovely supporters who contribute by standing order, which helps us to have a regular income:

Also, please make sure all your friends and neighbours and contacts know that we are open to the public, and worth a visit! And, should you wish to participate, you have until 15th February to vote for your favourite local charity at the new branch of Tesco in Kinson.

The big news so far this year is that we are now slowly in the process of moving in to our lovely new offices! The whole building is fabulous. It is not quite finished yet, but we hope it will be soon, and we will be planning an official opening later in the year. We are now looking for more park benches and tables to go outside, with some heavy duty parasol/umbrellas.

Volunteers are benefiting very much at the moment from workshops organised by Money Talk Bournemouth, which are helping them budget and avoid debt. These workshops compliment beautifully our Healthy Eating and Cooking on a Budget Workshops, and volunteers can also have individual debt advice sessions from our Disability Rights Adviser. Volunteers are looking forward to the year ahead and are busy making plans. New referrals are coming in fast, so some new faces will be joining us.

We are in the process of moving in to our new offices. They are not quite finished, and the porch and ramp have been delayed by the weather, but they are beautiful!!

Get you logs and kindling here! Hand-knitted hats, scarves and gloves! Local honey!
We have a fantastic selection of high quality hardy garden plants including bedding, perennials, herbs, fruit trees and bushes, alpines, shrubs, climbers, roses and trees available now. Please come and see us. Our prices are very competitive, our staff are friendly and we are an active part of the local community. We are also a non-profit-making organisation and every penny taken goes back in to restoring the lives of adults with mental illness. Toilet facilities, hot and cold drinks and free car parking are available.

CHERRY TREE 25th ANNIVERSARY YEAR 2015. Does anyone have any photos or memories of our early years? Would you like to help secure our future by becoming one of our 25th Anniversary Sponsors?

NEW RELEASE! DVD "Celebrating 25 years at Cherry Tree Nursery". On sale now!

Our plant sales are very popular events eagerly anticipated by our many friends and supporters for the high quality of the plants and the happy atmosphere.  Everyone is very welcome.  As well as plants, there will be a wide selection of stalls selling local, ethical and fairly traded produce including crafts from around the world, preserves and home-made cakes.  Free tea, coffee and squash will be available, and delicious barbecued food will be on sale.  Live music from Cherry Tree’s very own band ‘The Propagators’ and visiting bands.

The main structure is complete and looks lovely. See pictures on our Facebook page,or come in and have a look! The roof is on, the walls are covered, the straw is in place, the floor is down, the exterior cladding is complete, and the partitions are up inside. Target for completion is the end of the year. We hope to open it for our 25th birthday next year..

Many new lines are in, lots of colour and variety - come and see us!! We now have a wide range of bedding, perennials, veg plants and herbs, and some lovely roses. Also of course fruit trees and bushes, ornamental trees, shrubs, hedge plants, grasses, bamboo, alpines, heathers and more......



We recently celebrated our 24th Birthday. The Rev Sue blessed and re-dedicated the new buildings and the pond.

Work has now started on Phase 3 of the Sustainable Building Replacement Programme - our new offices. We apologise for any inconvenience which may be caused by the building work, but hope you will enjoy watching the new structure growing!

We need to replace not only the polythene covers, but also the timber structure of the tunnels. First we have to raise the money, then we need a nice calm dry day! Many thanks to Sue Saunders, Nationwide Building Society and to the Rotary Clubs of Bournemouth North and Eastcliff for their kind donations towards the cost of repairs.




We are now fundraising for Phase 3, the Office buildings. Can you help? The current office is DAMP and FREEZING, and the roof leaks!

Also Cherry Tree calendars and Xmas cards, and hand knitted items.
We also sell Cherry Tree Gift Vouchers.

Saturdays and Bank Holidays 9am to 3pm
Sundays 10am to 3pm
Weekdays 8am to 3.30pm.

PLANT SALES 2014 SATURDAYS 29th MARCH, 5th JULY and 20th SEPTEMBER 8am to 3pm
Many stalls, free tea and coffee, barbecued food, live music, most plants at reduced prices. Come and support our charity!

Speciality stall selling lovely hand-knitted scarves, hats, wristwarmers, chidrens' knitwear, all knitted with love by Cherry Tree volunteers and friends in aid of the new building fund! These will be on sale at One World Week, and during Christmas Shopping Week.

The new complex consists of a Quiet Room, Private Conversation Room, Citizens' Advice Bureau room, Volunteers' Working Room, Computer and Training Room, a storeroom and, quite wonderfully, a library!!!

Sunday opening end of March until October
We are now open every Sunday in spring and summer from 10 am to 3 pm. The Sunday highlight is that it is the ONLY day of the week when customers can use our new tearoom. Even better, tea, coffee and other hot drinks are free! And there are doilies!

23rd Birthday
Cherry Tree celebrated its 23rd birthday on 18th April 2013.

2nd April 2013
The paperwork has been signed for Phase 2!!

Work is starting on the timber frames, somewhere in deepest Dorset, and it won't be long before the cranes arrive to start re-locating some of the existing buildings. We are all very excited.............
Wide range of perennials, herbs, alpines, heathers, shrubs, climbers, grasses, bamboos, ferns, ornamental trees and fruit trees and bushes

Good news! Phase 2 of our sustainable replacement building programme is going ahead!
The wonderful news is that work on phase 2 will be starting soon.
Please note, however, the new offices are Phase 3!!
There will be more news soon.

Plants available
We now have new roses and fruit trees on sale, as well as some lovely primroses, pansies and daffodils, and the first herbs of the year.
Spring is on the way...........we hope! The PRIMROSES are in a variety of colours, and looking lovely!!

Green Community Fair for Climate Week
Cherry Tree will have a stall at Castle Point on Thursday 7th March. The theme for the day is "therapeutic horticulture".

Centre for Wessex Young Musicians 
We are very pleased to announce that one of the area’s largest music centres, the Centre for Wessex Young Musicians, has chosen us as their supported charity for 2012/2013.  The Centre offers ensemble classes for all abilities and most instruments. Established in January 1971 by Don Riddell MBE (then director of music at Poole College), the CWYM has provided lively musical training for over 40 years. The Centre’s largest and best known ensemble is the national award winning Wessex Youth Orchestra. Directed by Susanna Riddell, the WYO performs a minimum of 3 concerts a year, delighting audiences with a wide range of music from seasonal novelties to light classical, film music and of course major symphonic repertoire.

Cherry Tree Nursery will be open on Sundays, starting on Sunday 24th March, from 10am to 3pm.
Free tea and coffee and occasional live music!


One World Week was from 15 - 19 October. Theme 2012: the Mayan Word. Interesting films and presentations, and lots of Traidcraft products were on sale. Thanks to everyone who came and supported it!

Wessex Charity Awards
We were shortlisted for Fundraising Project of the Year. Everyone enjoyed the Gala event at Winchester Guldhall very much!

Plant sale 
At our 29th September plant sale the barbecue was organised for us by the Rotary Clubs of Bournemouth North and Westbourne. Many thanks to them for doing this for us. Many thanks to Susbus for providing the musical entertainment.

STOP PRESS!!! Plant sale prices will continue for the following week! Monday 1st to Friday 5th October from 8am to 3pm, many plants continue at reduced prices!!
Do you think this is a good idea? Please let us know!

The Bolivia group
are now raising money to provide water fir their eighth project, Putuni Condoroca! The QBL Trustees visited Cherry Tree recently ans were very impressed.

Cherry Tree Nursery is 22 years old!
April 14th 2012 marks the 22nd anniversary of starting work on a derelict, overgrown, flooded and abandoned field near the New Road Roundabout in Northbourne. We celebrated with a barbecue. Thanks to everyone who has helped us over the last 22 years!

Most successful plant sale ever
The nursery has had some great publicity recently, which contributed to the busiest ever plant sale on 31st March. Many thanks to all who came along.

Dates of Chestnut Nursery's plant sales
Our sister project in Poole will be holding its 2012 plant sale on 6th October.

Royal opening of the new sustainable volunteers' tearoom
We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, so the helicopter could land safely in Vicarage Field. 245 people attended. Princess Anne toured the nursery, meeting, shaking hands with, and chatting to large numbers of smiling volunteers. She inspected the new building and talked to the builders before performing the opening ceremony. She was then presented with a Helleborus 'Diana's Red' by volunteer Paul Cretella, and a special hand-made Dorset Picnic in a hamper, to eat on the helicopter, by volunteer Elaine Cave.

HRH the Princess Royal to open the new Cherry Tree Volunteers' Tearoom on 12th March!!
Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal is to open Cherry Tree's new building on 12th March 2012. This is a great expression of recognition, not only for the tremendous achievements of all our wonderful volunteers, but also for mental health in general. We hope more people will be inspired to donate to the next stage of the building programme, as the roof of the office is now starting to fall in!

Cookery Course
A group of volunteers have thoroughly enoying a course on basic cookery and healthy eating, thanks to the Dorset Food and Health Trust. 

The Earth Charter
We have long been admirers of the Earth Charter. We have now been formally invited to sign up to it, and enjoyed a talk about it on 14th November from Jeffrey Newman.

Digital Switchover
Alison Morrison from Help and Care came to explain to volunteers what is goung to happen next March, and what they need to do.

After a lot of hard work, the Cherry Tree cats now have a lovely warm new home!  Sadly, long-term resident Cherry has since passed away peacefully after nineteen years with us. She is greatly missed.

Work on second stage of Safer Paths project has started
We apologise for any convenience, but hopefully our sales and information area will become a safer and pleasanter place to visit. All varieties of plants are still available for purchase!

Cherry Tree volunteer wins silver award in Bournemouth in Bloom competition!

Plant Sale Saturday 1st October

There were loads of lovely plants with some special bargains, along with a wide selection of stalls, live music, free tea and coffee, and an opportunity to see our lovely new sustainable buildings!!

Public viewing days for new buildings
There will be an opportunity for the public to view our new sustainable buildings on MONDAY 8th and TUESDAY 9th AUGUST from 8am until 3pm.
After this the building will be closed to the public except on plant sales and open days.

Open Days
We have just completed 3 very successful Open Days. We would like to thank everyone who came and contributed to these days.

Forklift appeal
We are trying to get hold of a secondhand forklift to help us unload and transport the 75 tons (!) of compost we use annually, which is currently done by hand. If anyone can help, please let us know on 01202-593537. Thank you.

Community Day
55 members of staff from LV=Liverpool Victoria joined us for the day on 28th June. They all worked very hard, whether painting benches, building gates, filling holes in the road, digging up bamboo, weeding the stock bed, potting or replacing slabs. It was a tremendous effort with a real community spirit.

Progress with building work
Work is going well on our new buildings. The roof is finished, and the floor is under construction, complete with alpaca and sheep wool insulation. Work is due to finish in August.

Topping Out Ceremony held
On Tuesday 31st May a Topping Out Ceremony was held at to mark the reaching of the highest point in the construction of the first phase our Sustainable Replacement Building Programme. The timber frame of the new building is now complete, and a living fir branch was attached to the summit of the ridge, following a very ancient tradition. Rob Buckley of the Dorset Centre for Rural Skills explained that the ceremony marks the thanking of the forest for the trees cut down to create the building, and reminded us how much we need trees in order to live. Rev Stewart Killick blessed the building in a blessing designed for people of all faiths. Everyone was then invited inside the structure for the first time, a very special experience. The frame is built from local Douglas fir. The next stage will be to fill the walls, built of compressed waste wood, with local straw for insulation. Following this very moving ceremony a very large group of Cherry Tree workers joined the builders for a delicious barbecue most generously provided and cooked by the Rotary Club of Westbourne. This provided an opportunity for everyone to catch up with old friends in the sunshine.

We hope that this first phase of construction, consisting of a spacious tearoom for the volunteers, with a kitchen and toilet block, will be finished in August. Everyone at Cherry Tree would like to thank all the very generous people who have made this project possible. Fundraising is underway for phases 2 and 3.

Open Garden in aid of Cherry Tree
A local plantswoman is opening her lovely garden at 35 Dunkeld Road, Talbot Woods, in aid of Cherry Tree on Sunday 12th June, between 2.00 and 5.00. There will be plants for sale, as well as tea and coffee and home-made cakes. Admission £2.50, free for children.

Phase One is going up!!
The foundations are now complete and work is progressing on the timber frame and walls - it's well worth a visit to take a look!
We are planning to have our topping out ceremony (when the highest point of the building - the ridge - is reached) at the end of May. Work will be continuing until August.

Apologies for any delays
The site remains busy with lorries, equipment and machinery going in and out of the nursery. But we've got some lovely plants, and hot drinks, so please don't stop visiting us (there's lots to see) and bear with any disruptions to the normal. Thank you!

Building work has now started!!!
The two new temporary tearooms arrived on 8th April 2011. This was followed by some serious demolition work, and the old tearoom is no more! Take a look at Newton's wonderful stop animation on!/pages/Cherry-Tree-Nursery/148476365179959?sk=wall

Condo Chejwaya to have clean water thanks to Cherry Tree volunteers!
The Cherry Tree Nursery volunteers' Bolivia group have now raised the amazing sum of £7,000, which means that this remote, isolated and impoverished community of 48 families in highland Bolivia now has a piped supply of clean, safe sweet water. The water had to be piped over 8 km, crossing ravines, in order to reach the scattered community of Aymara farmers. This is the sixth community now to have water thanks to their efforts. The group are about to start working with a seventh community in the same area.

Try the new Cherry Tree Gardeners' Hand Cream
This lovely new product has been designed and created by Cherry Tree volunteers with the help of local herbalist Catherine Marshall from Herbal Harmony.
It contains a wonderful array of natural ingredients including cherry, marshmallow, marigold, beeswax, lavender, nettle, echinacea, rosemary, rose, aloe vera, orange, teatree and Dorset honey, and is on sale NOW at the Nursery.

Cherry Tree reaches its 21st birthday!
The weather stayed dry for us on 14th April. It was a smaller party than usual, due to restricted space due to the building works, but we were joined by friends old and new (including the builders of course!) for a delicious buffet.

Phenomenally successful plant sale!
Many thanks to everyone who visited our March 26 plant sale and helped to make it the most successful ever! We were blessed with lovely weather which contributed to the happy atmosphere. Please forgive us if you had to queue, or couldn't find a trolley straight away - we weren't expecting so many people! We ask you to bear in mind that the helpers are volunteers who all work incredibly hard to make the day a success. Many thanks to the very popular band Susbus who came to play their ukuleles for us.

Phase 1 of new building scheme to go ahead!
The contracts have all been signed, and work has started at the Dorset Centre for Rural Skills to prefabricate our new volunteers' tearoom, kitchen and toilet block. Work is scheduled to begin on site on 15th April, and will take at least three months. The structure will be entirely built using locally-sourced natural materials. We hope all our visitors, customers and friends will understand that there may be a lot of disruption during this period, but the nursery will remain open, so please keep coming!

Car park extension
This major undertaking was completed in March 2011, thanks to some extremely generous help from our local supporters to whom we extend our grateful thanks! Our car park was no longer big enough to accommodate all our visitors, which also made it very difficult for delivery lorries. Unfortunately no more land is available (if only...), so we have expanded the car park sideways into our plant standing-out area, losing some paths to save plant space. Volunteers enjoyed practising all the different skills involved in this project which took many weeks. The ground has been levelled and a new fence erected. We hope customers will benefit from the extra space, and lorry drivers will find delivering to us a little easier!
A major feature of the new buildings will be a cycle storage area, to encourage people to come on foot, by public transport or bicycle.

Planning permission granted
We now have planning permission for our new building scheme!

Cherry Tree wins Co-operative Community Partnerships Scheme for Wiltshire and Dorset
We have won a lot of awards this year! Many thanks to everyone who voted for us.

New 'Safer Paths' underway
Thanks to the generosity of a local charitable trust, work has started to make the nursery a safer place to visit. Sections of path where the slabs have started to crumble are now being replaced.

Volunteers take part in the Great Santa Fun Run!
On Sunday 12th December, a group of volunteers dressed in Santa suits and took part in this sponsored event at Badbury Rings, organised by Wimborne Rotary Club, to raise funds for our new buildings.

Bournemouth in Bloom 'Best Improved Horticultural Project' - another award!

We are Wessex Charity of the Year!! 

We were nominated by a member of the public for the Wessex Charity of the Year award, which covers Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We were one of three, out of a total of two hundred, charities to be shortlisted. Ten of us were able to attend the Gala Dinner and Wessex Charity Awards Ceremony, held at Winchester Guildhall on 30th September 2010, where, to our great surprise and delight, we were chosen as the Charity of the Year!!  It is wonderful to have this recognition for a mental health charity, and it is particularly special for us to win in our twentieth year.
Sustainable Replacement Building Programme  
The great news is that we now have enough funds to go ahead with Phase I of the Building programme which means the volunteers will have a new tearoom!!  THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed so generously.  

One World Week 18 - 22 October 2010
We were asked to host this annual event for the first time in 2009, in recognition of our volunteers’ contribution to water projects in Latin America. By popular request, we  repeated it during the week 18-22 October 2010, this time with both morning and afternoon sessions, with an excellent selection of speakers and films. Displays about different organisations were set up in the shop, the barn and the function room, and there were a wide selection of ethically and fairly traded items on sale, from 8 am to 3.30 pm. For the programme of films and talks, click here.
Our last plant sale for the year was on Saturday 2nd October
We had a very successful day, with all the usual stalls, including our new addition of Mexican jewellery, and featuring the wonderful Susbus ukulele band. Many thanks to everyone who came along to support us.   
Dates for 2011 plant sales: Saturdays March 26th, July 9th, October 1st.
Latest Diana Guy Course “Grow your own Cottage Garden”
This course has proved very popular, with members of the public coming from as far away as Sherborne to attend! Diana very kindly ran the same course for volunteers from Cherry Tree and Chestnut Nursery, followed by an immensely enjoyable course on Trees, involving visits to Hilliers, Canford School, and Bourne Valley.
Stour Valley Festival
This country event takes place in the field next to the nursery, which we open for the entire weekend. This year, in addition to having a stall at the festival, we again held an art and planting event, when local storyteller Pippa Brindley shared tales of “the not-quite-so enormous turnip”.
Volunteers complete very successful sponsored walk
Cherry Tree volunteer Dottie organised a sponsored walk on Thursday 15th July, from Southbourne to Bournemouth and back. In driving wind and rain, with sand blowing in their faces, 24 volunteers, joined by Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, completed the walk, and raised over £2,500 for the Sustainable Replacement Building Fund. Following this magnificent achievement, Dottie was presented with the ‘Sponsored Walk Organiser of the Year’ award. Assistant Manager, Jane Nicholls said: “I think the volunteers should feel incredibly proud of the amount of money they have raised”. One of the volunteer walkers said: “The Cherry Tree spirit goes with you wherever you go.  It didn’t matter that it was raining, we were all together”.
Annual Bob Anderson Camping Trip
Following the death, in June 2009, of long-time volunteer Bob, we held a gathering in his memory and discussed how best to remember him. It was unanimously agreed to hold an annual camping trip, and to put all the donations made by his friends towards the cost of this. The second trip took place at the end of July 2010, in the Purbecks, with more campers than ever thoroughly enjoying themselves despite the rain.
Open Days July 2010
We were fortunate to have good weather and an excellent turnout for all three days. The focus of the events was the model of the new buildings, with Adam Slatter on hand to answer questions. Friends and Family Day provided an excellent opportunity for volunteers to show off the fruits of their labours.
Cherry Tree’s Twentieth Birthday celebrated; major fundraising appeal launched
On 15th April 2010, Cherry Tree reached the twentieth anniversary of starting work at the nursery site. Many old friends and supporters joined us, in the marquee hired for the event, to hear Rob Buckley and Adam Slatter from the Dorset Centre for Rural Skills describe the sustainable buildings we hope to be able to build. These would replace the decaying portacabins we have endured for so long. The special day was marked by the launch of our fundraising for this badly needed project. The building proposal is attached below; we have so far raised £88,000, with a further £75,000 promised. Please contact us if you can make a contribution, no matter how small!
Potathon 2010
We had a less ambitious Potathon this year, with four teams completing over 22,000 plants pottedin one day. This is a very motivating event in which the whole nursery takes part. Our record stands at over 28,000 plants potted in one day! After the Potathon, all the workers had the opportunity to go on a coach trip, held in memory of Harry Roffey, our late trustee, who initiated this annual outing. This year the trip was to Staunton Country Park, near Havant.
Very successful spring plant sale
Our spring plant sale was an enormous success. We decided to put the profits into the Sustainable Replacement Building Fund, which benefited to the tune of £7,969.65. The Bolivian band came to play for us again, we had crafts, books, home-made cakes, greeting cards, herbal teas and other delights on sale and a happy day was had by all.
Penny Serenaders
The singing group the Penny Serenaders performed a musical entertainment, singing and dancing, at the Barrington in Ferndown recently, in aid of Cherry Tree. A party of volunteers went along and joined in with the fun. James and Christina from the group visited the nursery and presented a cheque for £350, which will go into the new building fund. Many thanks to the group for all their support.
Weymouth holiday 2010
A group of volunteers enjoyed a wonderful sunny week in three caravans in Weymouth at the end of April. We took them down in the minibus, and picked them up at the end of the week. They walked all the way to Portland, went by bus to Bridport, went crabbing, went out for a meal, and visited the Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens.

Secure future for Cherry Tree Nursery
This is a link to a press release from Bournemouth Council regarding Cherry Tree Nursery, issued on Friday 29 January 2010. This celebrates the marvellous news that Cherry Tree is to be granted a 21-year lease of our nursery site. This now enables us to start planning for our new buildings!
SWOP named Dorset Charity of the Year
The Sheltered Work Opportunities Project was voted 'Dorset Charity of the Year' at the Dorset Business Awards annual dinner held in Poole on Friday 11th December 2009. Chairman of SWOP trustees Martin Stewart welcomed this honour on behalf of everyone involved with the charity.
New minibus acquired
Our old minibus was purchased in 1994-5 and had become very unreliable, so following a request from our sister project at Chestnut Nursery, we started a fundraising campaign to replace it. Thanks to the wonderful kindness of many of our supporters, after just over two months we were able to purchase a second-hand Ford Transit replacement from U-Drive. We would like to thank all who contributed to our minibus appeal, and look forward to having a more reliable vehicle for trips, outings and educational visits.  A special event to thank everyone was arranged, and photos taken of the donors with the volunteers in the new vehicle.
Winter activities for volunteers
Volunteers went on a number of outings in the new minibus, including visits to Salisbury market, Montacute School, to see the reindeer at Stewarts, and to Chestnut Nursery. They have had a pudding day, a hot soup lunch, and a quiz here with Chestnut Nursery volunteers. They have enjoyed a series of talks, films and presentations including ‘how to make a hazel chair’, ‘’dinosaurs’, and .a farm for the future’. The Senior Lecturer in Psychology from Bournemouth University has given a very interesting presentation on the research work to be conducted here over the next three years. Volunteers also like to participate fully in the shopping and wrapping for the annual Christmas party.
We started a Numeracy Course in 2009, something we haven’t had for many years, but is now back again due to popular demand. There has been a very interesting course on herbs, including a session making teas and lip balms and a visit to a local herb garden.
Sustainable Building Consultant helping us
We are delighted that Rob Buckley, from the Dorset Centre for Rural Skills, has joined us to help plan new buildings to replace our leaking and decaying old portacabins. Everyone is very excited at the prospect of planning sustainable, low-energy, living buildings for Cherry Tree’s next twenty years (see future plans).





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