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A charity based on horticulture providing meaningful occupation in a supportive
environment, aiming to restore well-being to people with mental illness.
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Future Plans

2015 has marked a watershed for our charity project, with the celebration of Cherry Tree’s 25th anniversary and the official opening of our new sustainable buildings by volunteer, Anita Payne.

Our priority, in these very difficult times, is to fulfil our commitment to be here for those who need us for as long as they need us.  Having successfully completed our first 25 years of offering community, hope, love and purpose to the distressed and lonely, we are focussing on 2 aims as we continue our efforts to secure our existence for the next 25 years.  The more of our future we can safeguard through our own efforts, and the more sustainable we can become, the better.

Our first aim is to do all we can to make visiting the nursery as pleasurable as possible for our customers, and hopefully in this way increase our income from plant sales.

We would therefore like to almost double the area we have under cover and protected.  This will enable us to broaden the range of plant varieties we have available and to make visiting the nursery more comfortable in bad weather, though we will always need to have the majority of our plants outside in the fresh air.

We are also looking to provide more and better plant information, for example, by developing themes, varying from slug, rabbit or deer resistant and attractive to birds, bees and butterflies, to good for dry or wet areas, or scented or medicinal uses.

The second part of our plan is the 25th Anniversary Appeal, designed to increase our income from the donations we currently rely on for half our running costs.  All the signs, especially the ever-growing number of referrals we receive, indicate that the number of people with mental health problems living in the community is continuing to increase, and therefore that the need for services such as ours is still greatly needed.

We are continually looking to offer a wider variety of classes and support sessions to our volunteers with severe and enduring mental illness.  Fortunately the future of our Healthy Eating and Cooking on a Budget sessions has now been secured, and we are pleased to have another series of Managing Your Money workshops arranged for later this year before the funding runs out.  Debt, cuts, reductions in benefits and housing remain the biggest problems faced by our volunteers. 

Now we have been able to employ a Horticultural Sales Supervisor thanks to a donation from a grant-making trust, we plan to increase the number of volunteers working in the Sales & Information area, acquiring retail sales skills, and learning more about plants.

Having just completed a survey of what has changed and what has not for 80 of our volunteers, we are now analysing the results to see what we can do better.  We always need to continue monitoring and researching the value of our service and what we need to improve, so further evaluation surveys are bring prepared.

People with mental health problems still experience unjust discrimination on a daily basis, which makes it essential for us to continue to increase awareness of what it is like to live with a mental illness.

We hope and plan to continue to work closely with our friends and supporters and to continue to develop and nurture the supportive loving community that has grown here over the last 25 years.




Future plans
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